How Craigslist Works? Craigslist Tutorial 2020 (AtoZ) Part-01

How craigslist works

Craigslist is a USA classified advertisement website. Host the most demanding sections, categories, and discussion forums as well. Before describing craigslist posting service details, this is important to know how craigslist works. CL started their journey as an electronic newsletter for the San Francisco community. Now it’s become one of the most visited websites for local and nationwide classifieds ads services. The theme of this site is to host different types of classified ads that cover almost every category you can think of in your mind. Including the Best-Of section, they allow their users to discuss and share ideas and problems in the forum section.

Who Created Craigslist?

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark
Craig Newmark founded Craigslist in 1995. Having observed peoples, helping one another in different ways. He started thinking similarly like that for his local events. Especially, those who are helping on the internet, like via Usenet, MindVox, and WELL. Then in 1995, he began the distribution email list to friends. And it was the first structure of today’s craigslist.

When Did Craigslist Start? About Craigslist

In early 1995, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark started his journey with a list distribution to feature local events in the SF bay area. Very soon, he notices that San-Francisco community users respond to him positively.  Most of all were interested in software and web developers. After the huge success of list distributions, users started to ask him for more categories and for a web interface. The same year in 1995, Newmark registered his web name as, and the website went live in 1996. (Sources- Wikipedia)

When Did Craigslist Start? About Craigslist
Craig Newmark and Jim Buckmaster In-front of Craigslist office_(Image-Flickr)
Talking about Craigslist, story remains incomplete if we don’t talk about Jim Buckmaster, the present CEO of Craigslist. He joined in 2000 as a lead programmer and CTO. And the same year he promoted for CEO. Present craigslist design structure, development, and worldwide popularity belongs to him and his brain. Including flagging options, they added lots of categories, sections, and discussion forums. Extended services by added areas, cities, states, and countries as well by his master plan.

Top Craigslist Cities 2020 -The Most Popular Craigslist Cities in US

In August 2012, Craigslist expanding their services over 700 cities in areas of 70 countries. To achieve the posting goal, most of the time, we need to target high population cities. Also, it’s highly important for craigslist advertisers to get quality leads. Base on popularity and most traffic generating data, today I show you, top-10 most visited cities of craigslist 2020. Which is listed by Alexa information 2020.

1. – 6.54%
2. – 6.23%
3. – 5.14%
4. – 4.20%
5. – 3.50%
6. – 3.00%
7. – 2.95%
8. – 2.85%
9. – 2.60%
10. – 2.50%

Most Popular Sections and Craigslist Categories 2020

Realize the demand of users, he expanding craigslist sections and categories year after year. After the success of craigslist jobs section, they continuously added housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums as well. Today we talk about the most quality traffics and sale generating Top-03 popular section and categories of craigslist 2020.
Popular Craigslist Categories 2020

Craigslist Jobs Section:

From the beginning, users still hold this section on top. Its help millions user to submit their quality and skill in different categories. Most popular companies and online base organizations trust on craigslist jobs section to assign physical and virtual employees from here. The resume category under the jobs section is more demanding than others.

Housing and Real Estate Craigslist Posting Service:

Housing and Real-Estate now holding 2nd position in 2020. If you back in 2018, the service section held in this position. But after applied craigslist ad charge for service section, it’s started to lost their popularity and still under the lower graph. Till now, Craigslist housing section getting a free ad posting facility and users taking this advantage seriously. It’s now an open secret that the housing section and real-estate ad category drive the most numbers of quality traffics and generating more sales as well in 2020.

Craigslist For-Sale Section:

By the popularity and most traffic generating data, the For-sale section becomes in number 03 position in craigslist. After removed personal section and applied charge in for sale by dealer categories, now for sale by owner categories generating the most number of sales. It's a hope for a small business owner and drop-shippers to selling items without paying a charge for huge traffics. In May and June 2020, facemask items generating huge sales in Pandemic COVID19.

These are now the top 03 sections and categories in 2020. Also, craigslist community and service section performing well in recent periods of time. On the other hand, craigslist resume section now getting huge quality traffic for hiring a virtual assistant in different categories.

Top-10 Selling Items on Craigslist 2020

Over 50 million craigslist advertising service and items listed in every month, on craigslist. 375+ million users using craigslist for buy and sale. Almost 64% of items are saleable. Few are performance outstanding by their service and quality. Now we talk about Top-10 Best things that sell fast on Craigslist in 2020.

Top-10 Selling Items on Craigslist 2020

1. High-End Furniture

Solid finishing, attractive design, and well-maintained stylish furniture hold their position top on craigslist. Mid-century modern furniture still on popular demand. Dining sets, dressers, bed frames, lamps, and new couches are much easy to sell on craigslist.

2. Housing / Real-Estate Property

Craigslist is the better option for selling property online without any advertising cost. Quality traffic and generating sales from the millions of visitors is very easy. Small acres property to huge acres property, small home to luxurious home, townhome, condo, everything in selling and giving rent is much easier with fast-selling opportunity.

3. Yard equipmenty

One of the most popular selling items on craigslist. Thousands of yard types of equipment are selling on craigslist. Including new ones, you will found old ones too to spend cheap amounts on site. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, chippers/shredders, power washers, and generators are on top yard equipment’s selling items.

4. Power Tools

Using craigslist to buy or sell power tools is better than eBay and Amazon. Thousands of new and old products listed daily here at a cheap price. Seller doesn’t have to pay any commissions here in craigslist to listed items. So the buyer can get their products at a reasonable price to compare any others buy sale sites.

5. Electronics

Most electronics items are performing well on craigslist. It’s an open-source platform. 100k+ electronics items listed daily in here including, new and used items. Computer, phone, stereo, TV, or printer almost every electronics products are selling very fast in here. And they hold their resale value as well.

6. Home Appliances

Refrigerators, dishwashers, A/C units, laundry washers, and dryers are on top-selling home appliances on craigslist. It’s always on trends by people's demands, and they hold their resale value as well. Including new items, here you will get slightly used items as well as spend a few amounts.

7. Car and Trucks

It's an opportunity for sellers and dealers to business with slightly used cars and trucks. Owners sell their cars and trucks items at a reasonable price. So, you can easily pick your items from here, and you can sell these items again to increase the amount. If you have a dealer license, then it will be a huge business opportunity for you.

8. Bicycles and Motorcycles

Bicycles always on trend for Americans. It's the best way of buying a Bicycle and motorcycles from here and re-selling. You can sale again here to increase the prices, just to repair slightly. Bicycles are going popular for the new generation trend. Many people use it as an alternative option for Transport.

9. Home Entertainments

The current pandemic situation bound us to maintain the home quarantine. Seller takes this situation to do some business with essential needs. This reason home entertainment products become on most popular selling items on craigslist. From March 2020, home entertainment items getting most sales these times.

10. Health Equipment’s

Running COVID19 situation make opportunity for health equipment’s seller on craigslist. Including facemask, PPI, Gloves, Hand Sanitizers, Glasses, most of the health equipment’s products items are now on top-selling trends. So, this is an opportunity to doing business here with a free amount of charges.

Including these top-10 selling items on craigslist, almost 100+ products are getting a good sale as well from here in recent times. For sellers and buyers, it’s an opportunity to doing business without ad listing charge or buying sometime at cheap with good quality.


How Many Employees Does Craigslist Have?

50 employers (2017-2020). Craigslist was born by one hand. Craigslist founder Craig Newmark may not interested to assign many pieces of stuff, even after massive growth. He assigns skill brain only when he really needs them. But the secret is maximum stuff still working with craigslist.

How Craigslist Makes Money?

Well, if you look back 10 years ago then craigslist makes money from job ads. But, nowadays they applied charges almost in every category. In the US and CA, areas craigslist posters paid $10-75 for jobs sections ads. $5 for Services section in US and CA. Gigs in US and selected CA areas-$3-10. Cars/trucks, RVs, and motorcycles by-owner in the US-$5. Craigslist achieved $1 billion in revenue in 2018. But it’s down sharply in 2019 and they earned 760 million.

Are craigslist Ads Free?

Yes, all craigslist ad posting services are free, except for a few sections and categories. Housing and real estate sections still free for ad posting. Including for sale by owner, community, and resume section also under the free advertising sections. Jobs, Service, For-sale by the dealer, and gigs under craigslist paid categories.

When Did Craigslist Start Charging For Ads?

On August 1, 2004, first time craigslist started charging $25 for jobs ad posting. Then year after year, many categories become undercharges. In 2018, craigslist applied charge for service section, including few categories ads too. And it was a massive reaction for millions of users and craigslist ad posters.

How Much Does Craigslist Charge?

Base on different areas and categories, craigslist charges a different amount. In US and CA areas craigslist ad creators paid $10-75 for jobs sections ads. $5 for Services section in US and CA. Gigs in US and selected CA areas-$3-10. Cars/trucks, RVs, and motorcycles by-owner in the US-$5.

Final Words for- How Does Craigslist Works-2020? (Part-01)

Craigslist serves more than 375 million unique seasons per month. Now, CL is in 171 number places overall among websites worldwide and 30 places overall among websites in the United States. (per on June 30, 2020). With more than 25 million new craigslist advertisements each month, Craigslist is the leading classifieds ad posting service in any medium.

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